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Alexandra Kuzminichna Velikodna - deserved master of national creativity of Ukraina

Poltava -
a bright star

in constellation
of Ukraina's cities

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Embroidered man's shirt

Embroidered man's shirts. The most thin doing of all details of ornamental motives.

Among multi-color Ukrainian embroideries Poltava embroidery take a special place. Man's shirts - “chumachki” and “ukrainki”. The frame is executed by machine embroidery. Technics: pricking out, cutting out, hem-stitche, a slanting smooth surface, dagger and a lot of others.

The gentle color scale, the various detailed motives - all this creates sensation of conviviality, refinementþ


Man's shirts with a manual embroidery. Ornament lies on a cloth by the account of strings of a cloth. The main art effect - not in riches of colors and their combination, but in the refined parity, softness of shades of pastel tones.

Colors: unique: white on white – like hoar-frost, blue, ochre, brown, greenish; shades grey, white, bright ornamental for a stage - the most widespread on Poltava area.

 O.Velikodna. Man's shirt. Fragment of embroidery.

O.Velikodna. Man's shirt. Fragment of embroidery.

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