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Alexandra Kuzminichna Velikodna - deserved master of national creativity of Ukraina

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Man's and ladies' Ukrainian national clothes

The Ukrainian national clothes differ by a rich regional and ethnic variety

The modern lady's wear decorated with an openwork embroidery, emphasizes appeal and charm

Ladies' suit

- embroidered shirt or blouse;
- embroidered skirt-plahta;
- corset or waistcoat;
- Ukrainian national footwear;
- necklace, girdani or corals;
- wreath from hand-worked colors or ochipok or chilce.

It is possible interpretations on completeness of a suit.

Traditional national suits and other are produced: modern variety, for dancing collectives, theatrical, suits of scenic heroes: Grandfather Frost, Snow Maiden, St.. Nikolay, and others. We make exclusive wedding suits for a newly-married couple.

Man's suit

- shirt "chumachka";
- wide trousers with waistband or trousers,;
- svitka (overcoat);
- fur-cap.

The man's Ukrainian national clothes consist of a shirt, trousers or wide trousers

   From above of shirts the woman of the Central Ukraine in week dressed zapaska, and for holidays - plahta, that was tied a belt around by fabric made from florid strings, with brushes on the ends. As both plahtas, and zapaskas ahead missed, over them put on poperednica, picked up to color of plahta and decorated with embroidery.

On patterns embroidered shirts can "be read", wherefrom it (each region had the favorite combination of colors), a sex (for example, sleeves of ladies' shirts were wide and converged on a wrist in densely embroidered cuff. Embroidery - the basic ornament of a national suit.   

   Embroidery can decorate any clothes

By right of succession from old Slavs the most widespread lady's wear - a long shirt has got. It is decorated with embroidered magic ornaments. The lady's shirt was considered as the most mysterious element of clothes, especially its hem. Our ancestors trusted, that by embroidered hem it is possible to stop a witch. Midwifes accepted the new-born child in a hem of a shirt. After ritual washing a newly-married couple was in turn wiped by bride’s embroidered top part of a shirt.    

   To its "classical" form the Ukrainian national costume went long time, its some elements have remained almost constant from times of old Slavs.

The Ukrainian national clothes - the bright and original cultural phenomenon, it developed and improved during centuries.    


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